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Which Smartair System Is The One For Me?

Smartair is such a flexible system, it has been designed to be a solution for basic requirements such as a single door system right up to many doors linked back to a PC.

Selecting the right system is easy, and remember, if you start with a single door solution then these locks and readers are fully upgradeable through the Update On Card system to the Online system without any redundancy of hardware.

Smartair Stand Alone

Smartair Stand Alone is the entry level solution ideal for up to 50 users where a door needs to be secured and card access for entry allows authorised people to pass through the door.

The system is a true "out of the box" solution where the escutcheon set is supplied with a lock and once fitted to the door, the system is up and running in a matter of minutes, fully programmed and secure.

Smartair stand Alone uses a programming card to initialise the system. As you can see from the picture on the left, the programming card is presented to the escutcheon to add or delete users from the system.

The lock is available in a several variations including internal and external models either with or without key override function.

Due to the fact that the escutcheons are battery operated, you need to be assured that the system offers a long life span on the batteries. The escutcheon is supplied with 3 x AAA batteries that will last approximately 3 years or 30000 operations. In the event of a battery failure, you could either select the model with key override for mechanical access through the door or alternatively, an optional battery pack can be purchased that allows the user to power the lock from the outside for a single operation to get through the door and change the batteries.


Smartair Update On Card

Most people want a cost effective solution that secures their building without the need for expensive data cabling and re-wiring of the building.

Smartair Update On Card offers extensive features normally associated with a sophisticated access control system while gaining the flexibility that this is achieved using battery operated escutcheons on doors.

Smartair offers a host of features including time zones (the ability to restrict the users access at the door to a specific number of days in the week and during certain hours), automatic operation (the ability to unlock automatically during certain hours for free access), dual user (where 2 valid cards have to be presented to the lock to unlock), passage facility (where a user can set the lock into a free passage or unlocked mode) and audit trail (where the lock records the openings and users that have access the door).

With Update On Card, a management kit is supplied containing the software and licence key, desktop encoder, portable programmer unit and a starter pack of 50 cards. The software is licensed to 10, 30, 75 and unlimited doors. Each level of the software can be upgraded to the next level so if it is cost effective to start off with a 10 door system then the software can expand as the system grows.

The desktop encoder is used to issue cards into the system and to reprogram them but it can also be used to read cards and collect the users audit trail from the card.

The portable programmer acts as the interface between the management kit and the doors. It is used to commission the doors and update them if any changes need to be made and it is also used to collect the audit trails from the escutcheons and pass them back to the PC. The portable programmer also has a function where it can open any door in the system using its own battery to power the lock.

As well as escutcheons to suit standard doors there are also wall readers available that give you the option to connect to a power supply and electric locking or door automation. These are especially useful in high traffic areas.


Smartair Online

Smartair Online acts in much the same way as the Update On Card system. It offers all the same features with escutcheons and wall readers and also the functions and timed actions.

What makes Online so special is its ability to use a series of wall readers, connected via an IP network back to the PC which are able to update cards and collect card audit trails in real time.

This means that when a user needs their access rights changed, this can be amended in the software and the card will be updated with this new information as the user passes through an online door.

At the same time, the users audit trail is collected from the card which includes access granted and access denied information as well as information from escutcheons if the batteries are running low.

Now, the software can build up an accurate audit trail of users as they pass through online doors and cards are now updated without the need to bring them back to the desktop card encoder.

Another interesting feature is that cards can be given a validity period whereby if the card does not pass through an online door for a period of time (e.g. 1 day, 1 week, 1 month), then the card becomes inactive in at all doors. In this way, a user is forced to use their card at an online reader to ensure that their card continues to work in the system. If a card becomes invalid, the user just needs to use it at an online door and this re-validates the card again.


Smartair Wireless (Update Online)

Smartair Update Online is the ultmiate Smartair access control system. The system can combine all Smartair technologies with the addition that escutcheons can be set to communicate real time back to the PC through wireless hubs.

This system allows the real time monitoring of all wireless escutcheons and the ability to make instant changes to door functions and access rights as they are immediately passed to the doors.

The wireless escutcheons also provide real time audit information from the door back to the PC and there is the ability to remotely release any wireless escutcheon from within the Smartair software.

In setting up the system, up to 30 wireless escutcheons can communicate through a single wireless hub. The system can be expanded using as many hubs as required to achieve the specification. The escutcheons are still battery operated and have a wireless antenna on board to allow data to be transferred between the lock and the hub.

Of course, it is still possible to use standard locks in the system, some doors may not require the features that the wireless system offers and the ability to mix and match technology in a Smartair system is integral to the flexibility of the product.


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