Smartair By Abloy is a flexible access control solution and as such, there is a requirement to have solutions to cope with a wide range of doors and applications.

The wall reader is used for 2 reasons in the Smartair system. Firstly, it is used in conjunction with the Updater control units and reprograms cards and downloads audit trails from the card back to the Updater. Secondly, the wall reader is used on doors where it is not possible to fit an escutcheon set. Such doors would be where there is a requirement for electric locking on a door, where an automatic door operator is required or where the reader needs to trigger a gate or barrier.

The wall reader works in exactly the same way as the escutcheon and offers the same features. However, this is a wired unit and therefore requires a power source and a control unit to trigger the device it controls.

Lock-tec have installed the wall reader in conjunction with Abloy electric locks, electric releases, magnetic locks, door operators, external locks and automatic gates. This allowed Lock-tec to integrate these doors into the Smartair access control system seamlessly.

The wall reader can be used internally and externally and connects to the portable programming device by a socket on its underside. Using this connection, the reader can be initialised, audited and diagnosed.

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