Using an Updater in the Smartair system truly unlocks the wire free potential of this remarkable access control system.

An Updater is an online device connected via a TCP/IP connection back to the host PC and the device shares the database of the Smartair software.

The Updater uses the technology of the smart card to program and collect data from the system, it automatically passes the audit trail of a card or keyfob back to the PC when a user passes through a door and at the same time, any changes that are made to the users access control rights are reprogrammed back to the user.

The Updater is a door control unit that has an embedded PC on board. The Updater can be used to control a door lock or automation device or it can sit in a central location where users can update their cards on a regular basis. The updaters are usually sited in high traffic areas where it is possible to gather the maximum amount of data back from the users and also locating the Updaters in common areas gives the system the best chance of accurately reprogramming users access as they move around the system.

There is no limit to the amount of Updaters that can be used in a Smartair system but as a rule, it is common to have between 5-10% of doors selected as Updaters when required in a system.

A good example of a project using Updaters would be a residential care village. Commonly, a care village will have a number of apartments, in this example 30 and these are split into 2 blocks. There is a central communal area with residents facilities.

Updaters would ideally be sited at the main entrance to the village, catching audits and reprogramming cards as all users enter the building and then there would also be Updaters located at the entrances leading from the communal areas to the residents apartment areas. In this system, as users move around cards will be used regularly as residents move in and out of the building and communal areas.

Using Updaters makes Smartair a true wire free system. Cards are issued at the PC and then once a card is out in the system being used, its audit trails and the control of where the card can access are taken care of by the Updater. There is no need to bring the card back to the PC for reprogramming.

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