A safe is a sensible and wise investment for any individual or business that is carrying large sums of money, jewellery, personal items or legal documents on their own premises. A safe provides protection against theft and fire and offers levels of protection for such items that cannot be found in any other security device.

LOCK-TEC have partnerships with safe manufacturers for all levels of protection and can have any type of safe swiftly delivered and installed at any location in the UK.

A particular feature of the vast majority of our range of safes on offer is that they are "cash" rated for certain amounts of money held within them and personal possessions. When looking for a safe, take into account the value of the cash or items held within it and select a safe appropriate to that value. When this information is confirmed with your insurance company, it guarantees that you will able to claim for the exact amount of the contents of the safe in the event of a forced opening, burglary or a fire. In the case of jewellery stored in a safe, take the "cash" rating of the safe and multiply it by 10 to find the appropriate rated safe, i.e. a watch worth £30000.00 would be stored in a safe with a minimum "cash" rating of £3000.00.


Commercial/Heavy Duty Safes
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