Key Systems - Master Key & Restricted Sections

Lock-tec offer a comprehensive range of key systems to offer a more secure domestic key requirement, a restricted suite of keys or meet the most demanding and complex master key requirements.

key systems are generally broken down into the following categories and understanding of these will help greatly when selecting the system that is correct for you.

Standard differ suite

This is where all locks in the suite have their own unique key and will not open any other lock in the suite.

Keyed alike suite

Where all locks in the suite share the same common key and all keys can open all locks.

Master Key Suite

Where all locks in a group have their own unique keys that cannot open any other locks in the suite and a master key is made that can open any lock in the suite.

Grand Master Key Suite

Where locks are split into groups where each lock has its own unique key that wont open any other lock and a master key is made to open that group. A Grand Master Key is then made to open all locks in all groups.

Key suites can be designed and built to fit into almost any type of lock. It is common that a site has a mixture of cylinder styles and needs a suite supplied to regain key control, as an example, the styles of cylinder below are the most common styles used in the UK and its worth considering that all of this could be combined into a single differ, keyed alike, master or grand master key suite.

Euro Profile Single Cylinder

Euro Profile Double Cylinder

Euro Profile Cylinder & Thumbturn

UK Oval Profile Cylinder

UK Oval Double Cylinder

UK Oval Cylinder & Thumbturn

Mortice Cylinder

Rim Cylinder


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