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The Smartair Hotel Locking System adds a new level of functionality and aesthetics to any environment it is installed into. Using the Smartair Locksets and their Smart Card Functionality allows full control over the environment and also gives the Hotel the ability to use a host of other applications where Smart Cards can be utilised.

In traditional hotel locking system. A magnetic cards is used which has the single ability to be issued to a door or a set of doors. This limits what the hotel can achieve.

With Smartair, the cards and the locksets offer a host of features that are not found in the standard magnetic card locksets. Features include -

  • User audit trail collected on card. Instantly see where the user has been by either reading the card at the PC or collect the data seemlessly as the user passes through an online door.
  • Room audit collected in the lock. 1000 audits can be stored by the lockset at any one time. These audits can be collected and downloaded to the PC or viewed at the door using a protable programming device.
  • Time & Date expirtation of cards. Cards can be linked to very specific times and dates for either activation or expiry. This allows advance issuing of cards to guests and the ability to add extra hours to cards if needed.
  • Integration to other services. Smartair uses Mifare Smart Card technology. This allows the cards to be used for cashless vending, internet access, membersip and loyalty schemes as well as integration into other Mifare controlled locking products.

Imagine a system designed so that a single card could be used to carry out almost all user tasks in a hotel. Using the Smartair system allows this. A single card or keyfob can be issued to guests, staff, maintenance and cleaners which will have that users locking plan securely encoded onto the card. When the user visits a new door that they are allowed access to, the card sends that programmed command to the lock instantly and the user can gain entry.

With the audit facility of Smartair, you can instantly check who has been where and at what time. The audit also includes where a user was denied access which can be useful in the event of any incidents.

Smartair can then go on to integrate its card technology into other systems. This could include hotel room safes, access to leisure facilities, electronic locker control, cashless vending in the environment and access to electronic services such as internet access and loyalty schemes.

Back all of the above up with the fact that Lock-tec can design, install, maintain and remotely support any installation and you have a product and a team that offer the perfect solution for your Hotel.

Smartair is a new force in hotel locking. Contact Lock-tec on 10606 331444 for more information or a demonstration of the system

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