Security Grilles

LOCK-TEC supply and fit the Extendor range of retractable door and window security grilles which offer a versatile range of products for improving internal and external door and window security.

This range of grilles can be fitted internally behind doors and windows to add extra security should the door be forced or the window be smashed. Based on your window or door design, these grilles can be highly visible which in itself could deter the potential intruder.

Externally, the range can be installed in front of doors and windows to add a physical barrier to the intruder and thus making the proposition of gaining entry through these areas a lot harder task. As most theft is opportunist, these grilles will provide the barrier to make the intruder think again before attempting a break in.

All grilles are fitted onto a sliding track and can be unlocked and withdrawn to open a door or window.


The Extendor range offer the following features to ensure security, safety and ease of operation -

•Each grille bar is fully enclosed with aluminium alloy carriers and guides. This mechanism improves travel of the bars and makes the unit longer lasting than more common nylon mechanisms.

•Shoot bolts lock the grille in 3 or 5 positions into the head rail and track to secure the grille at the top on bottom.

•When open, the grille can be locked in position for added safety.

•There are no external rivets on the system which are usually the point of attack for other systems.

•Manufactured from hacksaw & drill resistant components.

•Flush pull handles.

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