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Generally, you would not leave a door open so why should it be any different for a gate? Lock-tec provide several different gate closing devices which are all designed to ensure that a gate is closed smoothly and securely.

Areas where a gate closer would be considered include the following -

  • Pedestrian gates
  • School Grounds
  • Playgrounds
  • Field Gates
  • External entrances to secure areas
  • Public Right Of Way Walkways

The products listed below all suit various types of gates. Considering the height, width and weight of the gate are all important issues and also how often the gate will be operated. Click on the heading below that best suits your requirement for more detailed information.

As well as closing devices, you may want to consider the overall security of the gate and for that reason Lock-tec have a range of accessories that are used on gates. These include audio entry systems, mechanical digital keypads, electronic keypads and electronic locking products. Links to these products can be found on the gate closer pages.


Pedestrian Gate Closer

Suitable for pedestrian gates in either a commercial or domestic environment.

Field Gate Closer

Suitable for large gates in fielded areas, this closer will effectively and smoothly close a gate of up to 3600mm.

Concealed Gate Closer

Suitable for a completely concealed installation into metal gates. Ideal where vandalism could be an issue or just where the aesthetics of the gate are important.

Wooden Gate Closer

Ideal for use domestically or commercially on wooden gates. This small and effective device is low maintenance and very easy to fit.

Vandal Resistant Gate Closer

Developed for gates that are located in areas that are environmentally harsh or where vandalism could be an issue.



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