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Steel Gate Lock

The standard steel gate lock has been designed for use in environments where a heavy duty lock is required to secure a gate. The lock has a rugged design and stainless steel components to ensure it can cope in all environments.

The lock is not handed and is easily reversable for gates hinged on either the left or the right hand. It can be fitted on gates that open inwards or outwards.

The throw of the latchbolt and the deadbolt can be adjusted up to 20mm to allow adjustment for the gap between the gate and the frame.

The standard steel gate lock has a lever handle operation which controls a latch bolt. The lock can be fully deadlocked using a key which will throw the deadbolt and this will secure the gate in the locked position.

The lock is designed to be fitted onto either a box or flat bar section gate and is secured in place by 2 bolts.





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