Electro Magnetic Locks

An electro magnet is a device that is fitted onto the door frame, generally at the top of the door, and works in conjunction with a series of brackets to secure to a locking plate (armature plate) that is fitted onto a door.

A magnet works on the principle that when the unit is powered, it creates an electromagnetic field that creates a bond between the face of the magnet and the armature plate. For this reason, as they require power to lock, magnets are only ever fail unlocked devices.

Magnets are a popular choice as they offer excellent holding forces (up to 600Kgs), also, on cutting the power the magnet will also instantly release making the lock an ideal solution when a door is linked into a fire alarm system. However, due to the fact that the door will release on the cutting of power, these locks should not be used as a sole locking device on external doors. Please make sure you always ask the advice of LOCK-TEC when selecting a locking solution for any application.

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