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Biometric Fingerprint Access Control System

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What if you could install an access control device that allowed you into the secure areas of your building without the need for a key, a card, a token or a PIN?

If this sounds like a good idea to you then you might consider using a biometric access control device to achieve this. Biometrics, quite simply, uses one of your own personal attributes to allow access. In this case, the biometric is a fingerprint.

The user is enrolled into the unit and when access is required, the unit is activated and your finger is laid onto the reader and your access is identified if your print matches the details stored in the unit.

Our biometric fingerprint reader is a stand alone unit that is battery powered (expected life of 5000 operations). The unit can operate as a biometric only, biometric plus PIN or PIN only and you can mix and match this to suit your users requirements. The system as standard can store up to 99 users but the memory of the unit can be increased for literally thousands of users.

This is no ordinary biometric access control device, there are lots of products that have flooded the UK market that either arent reliable or cannot cope with the environments that they are installed into. Our unit is hard wearing, great looks and works in a host of environments where fingerprints are either wet, oily or dirty.

Our unit has another special feature which is its design. This unit has been designed to look good wherever it is installed and the team behind the design concept is non other than Bang & Olufsen who are world renowned and associated with great looks and quality products.

This unit is available as an all in one, striaght out of the box, ready for installation product and is designed to either work with existing locks installed into doors or it looks at its best as a new installation with a compatible high security lock case.

Please contact Lock-tec on 01606 331 444 for more details of this fantastic high security product.

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