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Abloy Electric Locks

Solenoid locks offer an all-in-one locking solution and fit into the leading edge of the door where a traditional mortice lock would be located. The lock has a lever handle operation and when connected to a door entry system will only open when access is granted.

Upon closing the door, the lock has a deadlocking latch and also fires a deadbolt into the frame to increase the strength of the locking device. On exit, the internal lever handle always gives instant egress withdrawing both the latch and the deadbolt. There is an external key override of the lock which can be master keyed to your request or fit in with an existing keying system.

The lock has a built in microswitch which enables the lock to monitor the position of the door in an access control system. Therefore, using this monitoring function would enable the lock to trigger an alarm if the door was left ajar or opened for a long time.

The lock is an excellent choice for all types of doors, while both fail locked and fail unlocked versions are available, the fail locked is more popular as this ensures that the door remains locked in the event of a power failure and the lock also conforms to current fire regulations for exit routes.

When choosing an Abloy style lock it is important to consider how you want the lock to operate electrically, this can be important if the lock is being installed on an emergency escape route or being linked to a fire alarm. Locks are generally known as either "Fail Locked" or "Fail Unlocked" and their particular operations are detailed below -

Fail Locked - When the electric lock has no power to it the door is locked, power is then applied to release the door. Generally with a fail locked electric lock the inside of the door would have some form of lever to exit the door.

Fail Unlocked - When the electric lock has no power to it the door is open, power is then applied to the to lock the the door. Generally, a fail unlocked device is used in conjunction with a fire alarm system and the door would have either a lever or an exit button/break glass unit to exit the door.


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