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Smartair from Abloy UK is a revolutionary development in access control and its flexibility and cost have taken the industry by storm emerging as a real alternative to the traditional rules of access control.

Quite simply, Smartair is a wire-free system.

Traditionally, access control required a door to have a reader, electric lock, accessories and a power supply which where all required to be hard wired to the door. Smartair, as you can see, is a stand alone escutcheon which is battery operated (typical battery life is 3 years) and the escutcheon can be installed with a variety of locks to either create an access controlled door or upgrade a door into a security system.

Furthermore, Smartair is the the most flexible access control system in the marketplace. With 3 options available - Stand Alone, Update On Card and Online and a full upgrade path available to upgrade from one system to the next with no redundancy of materials it is a system that can be installed initially onto a single door and the devloped to a full online system seamlessly.

Smartair also has depth in its range, the system is not just a series of escutcheons, there are also wall readers where doors require electric lock or automation and networked control units for PC control of hot spots and update doors.

In brief, Smartair is available in 4 variants -

Stand Alone - The escutcheon is programmed using a series of programming cards. No other equipment is required. A programming card is used to add and delete user fobs for up to 500 users. Uses with the correct authority can leave the door in passage (unlocked) mode. Locks can be upgraded to work in Update-On-Card or Online systems.

Update On Card - A popular system where many doors have escutcheons or wall readers installed. A management kit connected to a PC acts as the central point for setting up users and configuring doors. Cards are issued from an encoder unit connected to the PC and a cards audit trail can be read from any card passed back to the PC. The audit trail of locks can also be downloaded from escutcheons and wall readers using a portable programming unit. This system offers timed controls of how locks operate and time zones of users to access doors only during certain hours. This system can be upgraded to Smartair Online.

Smartair Online - This system works in the same way as the Update-On-Card system with the added benefit of Online Update Readers. These wall readers can either be postioned to operate doors or located in areas where they can be used as hot spots. These readers are networked back to the host PC and when a user passes through one of these doors, the audit trail of the card is automatically passed back to the PC and any changes made to the users access rights are automatically programmed onto the card.

Smartair Wireless - The ultimate Smartair access control system. with Smartair Wireless, ecutcheons communicate back to the PC through a series of wireless hubs. This means that all changes to access permissions and door changes on all wireless locks are instant and a live audit trail is continually passed back to the PC as the locks are used. Real time communication with escutcheons allows doors to be remotely released from the PC and takes away the need for storing large amounts of data on the user cards.

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